Clinical Research Continuing Education & Training



Clinical research certificate program will equip you with the knowledge and skills along with practical clinical research experience you need to enhance your  and help you get your research position or enhance skills.
Through the modules designed for you combined with internship experience you will gain the essential knowledge and skills.
This program’s goal is to provide required knowledge and experience . It also helps you to identify your skills in the field and what to contribute to be your best.
Clinical research certificate virtual program delivery of modules and mentorship will provide opportunities to receive expertise from top university professors and industry experts.
The program ends with entrepreneurship and mentorship modules that are designed uniquely to answer today’s industry demands.

Design and Delivery:

This program is delivered on a virtual platform. There is no examination however, there will be individual and group projects including presentations and assignments to be completed within the deadline. The projects are designed by highly qualified researchers and instructors.

Admission requirement:

The clinical research certificate program covers beginner and mid-advanced levels as the program progresses.This program offers two certificates :

1- Gratuate certificate

2- Students in health science program

All modules will be delivered in English (and French for the province of Quebec).
No language exam is required for program entry; however, good language skills are required to complete this certificate successfully. Important to note that a 30-minute interview will be conducted for each prospective student

Certificate of completion:

When all the modules completed, you will be provided with Certificate.
All the lectures will be recorded for you in case you have full-time work and can complete this program part-time on your schedule.
It is recommended to give 10 hours per week for learning.
The program includes on-line mentorship by appointment
 A free information session will be held on two different days to outline the program and answer your questions.

How to apply:

1- Send your information and details, including full name, best email and phone number, to:
2- We will contact you within two days
3- We may close the registration early if all the available places are filled- Early registration is recommended.

Important information:

Duration: 4 months 
Internship: 2 months

Delivery: online 2 days per week/2 hours each
Workload: 10 hours per week